Peter Conti and Jerry Norton

peter conti and jerry nortonAbout The Author:   Jerry Norton and Peter Conti, partners in Mentor Financial Group, LLC, help students get started by doing deals with them. It’s an interesting combination of talents as Peter has been investing since 1990 and Jerry got started in 2005, right when the real estate market crashed.  Peter, Jerry and and their team of professional real estate investing mentors have helped thousands of clients across the country create financial independence using the power of real estate.

Course Descriptions:   Residential Backflip Program - This coaching program guides you step by step through your residential real estate deals and teaches you our most effective strategies for today’s market place. You work closely with our coaches and utilize our funding sources for your deals, as well as our network of buyers. **All digital training with ongoing updates, forms and contracts, many hours of online video and audio training, live coaching calls every couple of days, and critical tools to use for deal analysis and more.
Price : $997-2797     Official LInk:

Name: Mentor Financial Group, LLC
Address: 1332 Cape Saint Claire Road Suite 625
Annapolis, MD 21409
Phone: 800-952-9585

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